To prepare students for a career as a Health Information Management Especially. The administrative duties of the Health Information Management Especially are to prepare students with the appropriate didactic theory, and hands-on skills required and necessary for the processing, reporting, security, and management of health information within the health care setting. This includes, but is not limited to, structure and analysis of health data, coding, indexing, retention and reimbursement systems, data abstracting, file analysis and management, health care statistics, health record evaluation, computer systems, anatomy and physiology, and pathophysiology.

Program Description

Health Information Management Especially is designed to prepare men and women for employment as Health Information Management Especially in physician’s offices, ambulatory centers, health care organizations and insurance companies. The Health Information Management Especially program groups its courses around knowledge and skills required for health information management and technology. We provide students with 108 credit hours of classroom theory and lab time, in which students receive all of the practical training needed to perform in the field as a Health Information Management Specialist.