About Us

About Us

Hebron Technical Institute is one of the most highly respected healthcare and vocational skills training schools in Florida. In our pursuit to provide quality education for our students, we make every effort to maintain an environment that encourages growth. Our commitment is in the development of our students as we help them reach their career goals.

At Hebron Technical Institute our staff and faculty are of top-notch caliber. We hope to radiate the same quality and work ethics into those who take part in our training and programs. The school facilities are equipped with the latest in healthcare technology, behavioral and mental health treatment, cosmetology and other vocational skills training, preparing our students for the real work environments that will greet them after they graduate.

Why we do it?

With the best training available, we hope to prepare our students for their future. We believe that by making professionals, we have a bigger and better capacity of contributing to our society, as a positive catalyst for change.

The job market evolves technologically and in terms of quality. Companies raise their quality standards and it is up to us to gain competence to meet their demands. We hope to be part of that revolution. Be part of the remarkable developments in our country as skilled professionals. Let Hebron Technical Institute guide you there!

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Our Vision

Educate students in their area of discipline to transform that industrys experience of how a graduate of Hebron can be a blessing with both their technical abilities, and strength of Christ-centered character in order to continually serve others.


To fulfill its mission, Hebron Technical Institute is committed to providing support the needs of a diverse student population by providing an environment of learning excellence through innovative ideas, accountability and intellectual independence.

  • To provide learning opportunities for student in both classroom and clinical facilities.
  • To provide student with sufficient diversity to maximize the opportunities of employment.
  • To make a variety of instructional modes and organizational patterns available that provides students with the most effective means of learning.
  • To help students to learn, to communicate effectively, to develop cultural appreciation and to function actively and responsibly in assisting patients to recover in a medical or hospital setting.
  • Place students in a program that is consistent with their interests and abilities, and to assist them in reaching their objectives.
  • Provide appropriate resources to assist students in identifying, analyzing and solving their problems.
  • Acceptance: You can be you.
  • Hospitality: Warm welcome.
  • Perseverance: Never take no for an answer.
  • Structure: Always available.
  • Mentoring: Shepherding through lifes choices.
  • Transformation: Christ-centered renewal.
  • Helping: Blessing Land.
  • Responsibility: as stewards of education, the earth and its populations.
  • Achievement: of excellence in education, personal and corporate endeavors.

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